Lumin™ Crystal Lamp


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Make your home look fabulous!

A home without proper lighting can be quite dull. The right lighting has a positive effect on your mood. Transform your home into a fairytale environment. The magical appearance of the Lumin Crystal Lamp helps you create the perfect mood!

This lamp will turn anything into an unforgettable experience. Whether it’s a birthday, family dinner, evening on the couch, the Crystal lamp will transform it into the perfect environment!

How to use

How to use:

To turn on / off or adjust the brightness, gently tap the top of the crystal lamp. The lamp has an integrated touch system which allows you to control the settings.

First tap: Low brightness
Second tap: Medium brightness
Third tap: High brightness
Fourth tap: Off

To change colors, there is a control button integrated into the cable or you can use the remote.

Different modes


The whites color mode has 3 available choices. Classic white, cream white and warm white


The color mode has an integrated RGB system able to produce 16 bright colors.

How does it work?

Simply tap to turn it on and let it radiate your living area.  Its modern design makes it a great piece for any room. 

The Lumin crystal lamp comes with built in RGB capable of producing 16 different color lights.

Because of the diamond like pattern and the refracting crystal lights, the lamp will create a comfortable environment for you to enjoy.

Relieves anxiety & stress

The warm and pleasant sensations of the glow are ideal for unwinding after a long day. Simply touch the lamp and observe how quickly it alters the environment of your space and emits nothing but happy vibes.

Because of the elegant matrix cut paired with the bright LED’s it provides the most benefit in terms of avoiding circadian disruption that can lead to depression, anxiety and insomnia.

Question What material is the lamp made of? Is it easy to break?

The Lumin Crystal Lamp is made out of acrylic. Because of this it's nearly indistructable and can be used either indoors our outdoors.

Question What does the lamp look like in-person?

Please refer to the product images to see what the lamp looks like in-person and the colors available in each selection.

Question What color options are available?

We currently offer 3 choices for the crystal lamp: white, tri-natural light, and the 16-LED.

White: only cast white light

Tri Natural Light: cast 3 shades of natural light (see images for examples)

16-LED: cast 16 shades of color (see images for examples, our current best-seller)

Question What size is the lamp?

The Lumin Crystal Lamp is: 8.6"in x 3.5"in