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Question What material is the lamp made of? Is it easy to break?

The Lumin Crystal Lamp is made out of acrylic. Because of this it's nearly indistructable and can be used either indoors our outdoors.

Question What does the lamp look like in-person?

Please refer to the product images to see what the lamp looks like in-person and the colors available in each selection.

Question What color options are available?

We currently offer 3 choices for the crystal lamp: white, tri-natural light, and the 16-LED.

White: only cast white light

Tri Natural Light: cast 3 shades of natural light (see images for examples)

16-LED: cast 16 shades of color (see images for examples, our current best-seller)

Question What size is the lamp?

The Lumin Crystal Lamp is: 8.6"in x 3.5"in